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Chichen Itza: no wonder it is a New 7th Wonder


The focal point of Chichen Itza is the 75-foot-tall Temple of Kukulkan, also known as El Castillo, or the castle. The Mayas, which invented the concept of zero, also mastered astrology. They created the temple as a physical calendar aligned with the sun. It’s designed with such perfection that in the late afternoon […]



One of the most interesting video on Mayan and I Ching predictions! This is a must see for anyone who want’s to know what’s ahead of us for December 21, 2012.

Duration : 0:7:35

Apocalypse 2012 Author Larry Joseph – ‘Third Rock from the Sun’ Star?

Tweet Imagine… A 2012 Apocalypse video getting 3,000,000 hits…

How did this unassuming 2012 ‘modern day prophet?’ get rock star status? Watch this video of Lawrence Joseph, and you’ll see why…

This is the definitive book that’ll make you say, “OMG, what the prophets have been saying is…”

Get a grip on reality… […]

Quote by The Photon Belt


The photon band is a quantum (smallest particle) of electromagnetic energy with zero mass-no electrical charge and an indefinitely long life time. This photon band was first discovered in 1961 by means of satellite borne instruments. About every 26.000 years our Earth travels twice through this higher frequency band, affecting the material world and […]