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Mayan Calendar Spurs End-Of-The-World Debate : NPR


Stone tablet of a calendar used by the Mayan culture in Guatemala and Mexico. The Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world on Dec. 21, 2012. iStockphoto.com Mayan Calendar Spurs End-Of-The-World Debate : NPR

South Jersey Skies: Its the end of the world again!


The Mayan calendar doesn’t end in 2012; rather, a new cycle begins then, rather like an odometer reaching 100,000 miles. It does not appear that the solar cycle coming up will be a particularly active one, and it looks like it will peak in 2013 rather than 2012. The solar system will not […]

Underground lab searching for dark matter


Located two kilometres deep into the Vale Inco Creighton Mine, near Sudbury, Ont, the SNOLAB International Underground Science Facility (www.snolab.ca) is an ultra-clean environment, shielded from most of the effects of cosmic rays. It’s the deepest lab of its kind. From inside its isolated confines, scientists search for dark matter particles left over from […]

Predictions for year 2012 and Golden Age by Vedic Astrologer


Dr. Rakesh Kumar’s writes about his insights of the present world situations, America’s situation, and the future. Much has been said and heard about the year 2012, various prophecies, including the Mayan calendar. Here, Dr. Rakesh Kumar, a renown vedic astrologer of more than 23 years experience, prophesizes about the immediate future right up […]

December 21, 2012 beginning of the Age of Aquarius?


December 21, 2012 also has been linked to the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. I have also heard that this might be the day of a big shift in consciousness. Perhaps man will finally “wake up” to his higher being on this day? Perhaps we will finally be able to see through our differences, […]

Jesus – Are You Coming On Dec 21 2012?


The Dec 12 2012 prediction of major earth changes is certainly not the first prediction of major proportions. For example, there have been over 200 predictions of the Second Coming ever since Jesus announced he’d be back. Here are a few of those predictions:

80 AD —– Ben Zakkai died about 80, and expected […]

In 43 AD Theudas declared himself Messiah and preached end of the world


In 43 AD Theudas declared himself the Messiah, taking 400 people with him into the desert and preaching the end of the world was near. It was for him. He was beheaded by Roman soldiers and his followers scattered. Read this and 200 other prophets of doom in the 12.21.2012 Planet X Codex.


Did Jesus predict end of world in Matthew 16:28?


In the ?rst century Jesus said, “Verily I say unto you, there be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom.” (Matthew 16:28) This seems to imply that the Second Coming would return within the lifetime of his contemporaries, and indeed the […]

Assyrian clay tablet from 2800 BC predicts end of world


As far back as 2800 BC it appears the end of the world was coming. According to Isaac Asimov’s Book of Facts (1979), an Assyrian clay tablet dating to approximately 2800 BC was unearthed bearing the words “Our earth is degenerate in these latter days. There are signs that the world is speedily coming […]

Change Is Coming (Dec 21, 2012): Are You Ready?

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