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APOD: 2007 September 30 – A Milky Way Band


Most bright stars in our Milky Way Galaxy reside in a disk. Since our Sun also resides in this disk, these stars appear to us as a diffuse band that circles the sky. The above panorama of a northern band of the Milky Way’s disk covers 90 degrees and is a digitally created […]

Mayan Motif Crop Circle Formation Returns to Silbury Hill


Just what is this formation that appeared so close to Silbury Hill telling us? Summer 2009 has been another treasure trove of crop circle formations and they just keep getting better and more interesting. We have previously featured articles on the Phoenix and Dragonfly formations (which appeared in the same field) as well as the amazing […]

Mayan Calendar 2012 Consciousness is the Key


Consciousness is the key to understanding the prophecies contained within the Mayan Calendar predictions for 2012. Despite the ‘mainstream media’ hype insisting that we are approaching doomsday, the present day Mayan elders have a very different interpretation, and they procaim that our future is very bright! According to Mayan Astrology, our species is […]

The Future of Parapsychology?


Slouching towards 2012 theres a hopeful fervour brewing in the New Age and psychedelic cauldron that the end of the Mayan calendar will force us to leap spectacularly into an era of realised panpsychism, where telepathy no longer requires telephones and we can plug directly into the Gaian internet or Vernadskys noosphere a kind […]

December 21, 2012 beginning of the Age of Aquarius?


December 21, 2012 also has been linked to the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. I have also heard that this might be the day of a big shift in consciousness. Perhaps man will finally “wake up” to his higher being on this day? Perhaps we will finally be able to see through our differences, […]

The Violet Flame


You can use the Violet Flame not just to help clear your karma and issues, but to also deal with problems between yourself and other people, for example, your spouse, your boss, colleagues, etc. Do this by repeating a Violet Flame decree whilst visualising the Violet Flame going between you and the other person, […]


Tweet “Are we going to experience the fulfillment of a Mayan Prophecy in 2012?” That’s the biq question! I’ll be interviewing Kahan to find out what he thinks about the Mayan Prophecy and how it affects us.


Paco Alarcon-Kahan is an author, popular lecturer and world authority on paradigm change, the 2012 prophecy of […]

Storms on The Sun Means Storms on the Earth

Tweet Lawrence Joseph warns that, “the whole Solar System is becoming agitated…”

2012 ‘modern day prophet’ Lawrence Joseph, makes a graphic warning what’s possibly in store for the Earth…

The interstellar energy cloud and the possible effect on the Earth beneath our feet.

Don’t leave your head in the cloud. Get his book!


Quote by The Photon Belt


The photon band is a quantum (smallest particle) of electromagnetic energy with zero mass-no electrical charge and an indefinitely long life time. This photon band was first discovered in 1961 by means of satellite borne instruments. About every 26.000 years our Earth travels twice through this higher frequency band, affecting the material world and […]

Quote by kirael.com


Prana Breathing with Photon Energy

Kahu Fred Sterling

Photon energy is a miraculous new power that is the cure for all the ills of our journey here on the Earth plane. We can use photon to bring the force of spirit into the forefront of our journey, to bring the inner peace that transforms.