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Apocalypse 2012 in PAPERBACK


Apocalypse 2012 PAPERBACK on special at Barnes & Noble Apocalypse 2012 : A Scientific Investigation into Civilization's End by Lawrence E. Joseph Paperback – Reprint * Average Customer Rating:***** * Read customer reviews Write a review Fast & Free Delivery Available for Pre-Order This (Link to source: Apocalypse 2012 in PAPERBACK…)


Are you a family that is actively preparing for the year 2012?


Are you a family that is actively preparing for the year 2012? The hit reality show, Wife Swap, which airs on ABC Television’s primetime line-up, is looking for outgoing and unique families to feature on our show. Specifically, we’re looking for families who believe in the Mayan calendar and are currently preparing in some […]

Anak Krakatoa volcano spews lava, red-hot rocks


Indonesia’s Anak Krakatau volcano spewed smoke and flaming rocks hundreds of metres from its crater Wednesday although it was not in danger of erupting, an official said. (Link to source: Anak Krakatoa volcano spews lava, red-hot rocks…)

Apocalypse 2012 – Quelles catastrophes pour demain?


Larry was recently featured in a series of articles on 2012 in Diplomatie magazine, the French intellectual journal. Download copies of the articles here (French Language): Apocalypse 2012 – Quelles catastrophes pour demain? Climat et changments climatiques en Afrique de l’Ouest (Part 1) (Link to source: Apocalypse 2012 – Quelles catastrophes pour demain?…)



Tweet “Are we going to experience the fulfillment of a Mayan Prophecy in 2012?” That’s the biq question! I’ll be interviewing Kahan to find out what he thinks about the Mayan Prophecy and how it affects us.


Paco Alarcon-Kahan is an author, popular lecturer and world authority on paradigm change, the 2012 prophecy of […]

Storms on The Sun Means Storms on the Earth

Tweet Lawrence Joseph warns that, “the whole Solar System is becoming agitated…”

2012 ‘modern day prophet’ Lawrence Joseph, makes a graphic warning what’s possibly in store for the Earth…

The interstellar energy cloud and the possible effect on the Earth beneath our feet.

Don’t leave your head in the cloud. Get his book!


Apocalypse 2012 Author Larry Joseph – ‘Third Rock from the Sun’ Star?

Tweet Imagine… A 2012 Apocalypse video getting 3,000,000 hits…

How did this unassuming 2012 ‘modern day prophet?’ get rock star status? Watch this video of Lawrence Joseph, and you’ll see why…

This is the definitive book that’ll make you say, “OMG, what the prophets have been saying is…”

Get a grip on reality… […]

THE PHOTON ENERGY – Enabling Change for the Planet

Tweet Who else wants to know what Photon Energy has to do with changing the planet…

FREE Teleconference with Margaret M

Join me next Tuesday, February 17th at 9PM Eastern US time for alive interview with Margaret McElroy, internationally renowned clairvoyant and author of the Photon Energy – Enabling Change for the […]