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Gravity – And Other Hoaxes

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This was almost too far out even for this website. But, Wolfe said, “Good, print it!”]

After reading a story on CNN about how there are a percentage of people who still believe that we did not land on the Moon, I felt I had to set the record straight. Here are a few facts:

The Breatharians and those who practice Inedia do not go far enough. We were born from Dark Matter, during an immense Solar Flare aeons ago (And the kind which will destroy the Earth in 2012 – if Planet X doesn’t get here first.). We lived, free and happy, needing only sunlight for sustenance, and having all of space in which to roam. Then a few evil amongst us mixed anti-matter into our sunlight. Anti-matter doesn’t destroy our kind, it just makes us feel negative about things. When we were feeling our most negative, they convinced us to chain ourselves to this planet, and taught us the unecessary, but hard to break, habits of eating, sleeping, breathing, needing water, etc.
Gravity – And Other Hoaxes | Free Range Talk

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