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Mayan Apocalypse, 2012 › Dr Karls Great Moments In Science ABC Science

The claims for 21 December 2012 cover a lot of ground. They range from nuclear holocaust to Harmonic Convergence of cosmic energy flowing through the earth, cleansing it and raising it to a higher level of vibration, and along the way they include the death of two-thirds of humanity and the north and south poles will split – you get the picture.

But there are two problems with this.

First, when a calendar comes to the end of a cycle, it just rolls over into the next cycle. In our Western society, every year 31 December is followed, not by the End of the World, but by 1 January. So in the Mayan calendar will be followed by – or good-ol 22 December 2012, with only a few shopping days left to Christmas.And the second problem is that it is always remarkably difficult to make predictions, especially about the future, and things that havent happened yet.
Mayan Apocalypse, 2012 › Dr Karls Great Moments In Science ABC Science

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