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The Mandaeans: Secret UFO and extraterrestrial wisdom

The Mandaeans: Secret UFO and extraterrestrial wisdom

By: Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com

With all the talk about Nibiru, 2012 and UFOs it is amazing that many doing the talking have never heard of the Mandaeans, really amazing.  It is like knowing all about Jesus and never having heard of the Jews. In fact it is amazing that Jews, Muslims and Christians have hardly heard of these people, considering they, in all likelihood, are the possessors of the religion and heritage that gave birth to all of the three monotheistic religions and they are still around to tell their story even if no one wants to hear it.  So unknown is this grouping that even spell-check on Microsoft Word doesn’t recognise their name: yet none of this should diminish their incredible importance…
All News Web – The Mandaeans: Secret UFO and extraterrestrial wisdom

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