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I CHINGs Dooms day prediction and Terence McKenna

The Dooms day prediction came out of I – CHING when Terence McKenna  a Philosopher, writer and psychedelic investigator came in touch with I – CHING , he noticed a unrecognised pattern in I – CHINGS 64 combinations, when he arranged the 64 hexagrams in a graph, it can measure all the events of past, highs and lows in the graph accurately points the incidents that took place during those period, the graph originated with the birth of I CHING in Chinas shang dynasty he called it TIME WAVE ZERO. The most amazing thing about his graph is the fact that it ends on Dec 21, 2012, when he plotted the graph he was not aware of the Mayan Calendar.
I CHINGs Dooms day prediction and Terence McKenna | New Age Thinkers

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