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“Are we going to experience the fulfillment of a Mayan Prophecy in 2012?”

That’s the biq question! I’ll be interviewing Kahan to find out what he thinks about the Mayan Prophecy and how it affects us.

Paco Alarcon-Kahan is an author, popular lecturer and world authority on paradigm change, the 2012 prophecy of changes on Earth, and creating new realities for people. In his new book STARGATE 2012: Recovering the Power for Earth’s Imminent Ascension, Kahan shares his insight. I look forward to talking with anyone who can come up with such a powerful book. I sense an interesting interview ahead.

“New energies were introduced in the earth plane some years ago. They started to create a new system of energy and began to shift people’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual realities. This is still going on and gathering momentum as time goes by. This book presents the secrets and the keys of this event and how it is affecting everybody’s life. The main change is the rearranging of people’s consciousness so that they recover their lost power, an essential step for the shift of consciousness awaiting the planet. The book explains what to do and how to function in these changing times. Great book for the shift. It is based on the transmissions of Archangel Michael, the Lord of Divine Power, to this source. His influence and energy can be felt in these teachings.”

– Kahan

Here are some of the questions I have for Kahan:

  • Is the world as we know it coming to an end in 2012 as some interpretations of the Mayan calendars warn?
  • Is global warming, the energy crisis and financial disasters all signs of imminent doom for our planet?
  • Are we on the brink of humanity’s global and existential crisis?
  • Are we losing control of lives?

And, if so, what can we do to avert the danger, or live with it?

  • What’s behind all of this? Some almighty being with the whole thing planned out?
  • If ultimate destruction, or perhaps a “New Earth” is just part of the big plan, what does that say about free will vs. predestination?
  • If this is all predestined, then aren’t we just puppets to an existing plan?

Growth of Consciousness or Destruction, or Both?

  • Is there anything positive about the massive changes?
  • There seem to be as many predictions of tremendous growth in consciousness as there are predictions of doom. Can both be true?
  • Are we on the cusp of massive changes in consciousness as well?

Assuming that we have free will then what should we do to prepare for these predestined Earth shattering changes?

  • What are all the new rules?
  • If there’s going to be growth and destruction ahead, how do we make sure we are on the right track?

What do you mean when you say that our personal vibration determines what we attract in life?

  • What are the sources of high vibration and how do we make use of them?

I’m sure I’ll have more questions.

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