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Congress Votes on HR8791 – Homeland Terrorism Preparedness Bill

"Classified" Bill to Protect from Alien Invasion? The Annunaki?

"Classified Bill" HR8791 Transcription

Congress shall now vote for approval of HR8791- The Homeland Terrorism Preparedness Bill. As said bill request emergency response funding up to and including "I'm sorry this section is" CLASSIFIED dollars to prepare for a national level terrorist attach and or attack from CLASSIFIED. Funding for first responder personnel and vehicles would be doubled if said attack leads to more than 80% of national population being affected by CLASSIFIED. This funding shall commence in conjunction with the first attack on "Um Um" CLASSIFIED. Where the first large scale outbreak of CLASSIFIED, dependant on which comes first. Civilian and military unites shall be trained in containment and combat of CLASSIFIED, including irradiated CLASSIFIED with possibilities of CLASSIFIED airborne CLASSIFIED flesh eating CLASSIFIED, and or all of the above in such event as CLASSIFIED spewing CLASSIFIED escape are released or otherwise become uncontrollable. Air force units may also be directed to combat said CLASSIFIED through to their enormous size and other worldly strengths. Should event occur in urban areas? Should event occur in urban areas? LONG PAUSE "Jesus!" LONG PAUSE-GULP-CHOCK-QUIVER-STUDDER-That's CLASSIFIED far surpassing our darkest nightmares should casualties "Uh" exceed CLASSIFIED body disposal actions shall be halted and associated resources reallocated to CLASSIFIED underground CLASSIFIED protected birthing centers. A new bill of rights shall be drafted and approved by CLASSIFIED. Having now reviewed the bill I ask you to please cast your vote.

1 comment to Congress Votes on HR8791 – Homeland Terrorism Preparedness Bill

  • Dale

    WTF!!!!!! Everyone is saying this is protection from an alien attack witch is probly not the case cause it says”escaped,released or otherwise become uncontrolable” if you think about it there would be absoltly no way we could control aliens cause if they are real they got to be way more advanced than we are my oppinion is geneticly enginered creatures of some sort

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