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Alessandro Morbidelli is the author of the above drawing – astronomer at the Cote D’Azur Observatory – Science et Vie magazine ( February 2003 ).

NIBIRU’S ORBIT In my opinion (I am physician, I have made some connection between different information) Nibiru has Two Orbits (real and imaginary): 1. The real elliptical orbit: Apogee – Perigee – Apogee = 3600 years. 2. The circular orbit (imaginary) – around the Sun is (Now) = 550 years. 3. After 1- 5 years the black point or white circle (Nibiru) will be on its way on its elliptical orbit at 450, 250, 100,etc. years around the Sun… and so on. 4. Perigee – the nearest point to Earth (between Mars and Jupiter) – 10 years around the Sun (for example).


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