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Quote by Planet X – No dynamical evidence in the optical observations

It is shown that the alleged ‘unexplained anomalies in the motion of Uranus’ disappear when one properly accounts for the correct value of the mass of Neptune and properly adjusts the orbit of Uranus to the observational data. Also, it is shown that each of the ‘irregularities in the measured positions of Neptune’ has a complete explanation within the framework of the presently known solar system. As a check of certainty, an actual planetary ephemeris is integrated which well fits the observations of Uranus. Minor systematic errors do remain in the data, but they are very small; they are easily explained by a number of uncertainties in the observations themselves. There is now known to be a mass concentration of significant size in the outer solar system – 1992 QB1. In comparison to any of the major planets, though, this object is miniscule. For the meridian circle observations, there is still no evidence which requires or even indicates the existence of any planet-sized object; there remains no need to hypothesize the existence of a tenth planet in the solar system.

Planet X – No dynamical evidence in the optical observations

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